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La Primitiva Team

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About La Primitiva Team

Spain's La Primitiva is the world's oldest weekly lotto, dating back to 1812. It pays out nearly €1 billion a year in prizes to its players and it's 1 of only 2 national lottery games in Europe to have passed the magic €101.7 Million jackpot level. With 2 draw every single week, it's not hard to see why La Primitiva is madly popular in its home country of Spain.

But why play with just 1 ticket when you can have 40 chances to win? With Spain's La Primitiva Syndicate you play 40 entries in every single draw, giving you 80 chances each week to win one of the world's richest lotteries. Big-money rollover draws of up to €101.7 Million occur throughout the year, making the Spain's La Primitiva Syndicate the obvious choice for players who like to maximise their chances.

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