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UK Lotto | United Kingdom

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UK LottoSelect Your Magic Number Betting pays 5 to 1 Bet Amount Minimum € 0.91 - Maximum € 91

The Magic Number hit is determined solely by the main numbers. If the selected Magic Number happens to be among the extra balls, no winnings will be generated

About UK Lotto

Britain's favourite lottery has had a makeover! UK Lotto is just as exciting as ever, but now it comes with even bigger jackpots and the new UK Lotto Millionaire Maker raffle, giving away a guaranteed £1 Million in every draw. The game also features more balls to choose from and jackpots of up to £66 Million.

Play UK Lotto with its 59 balls and you're 3 times more likely to win the jackpot - up to £66 Million - than with EuroMillions. Match just 3 numbers to win the entry level prize of £25 or match 2 numbers and get the cost of your ticket credited back to your WinTrillions account. More than 45 percent of revenues are paid out in prize money, placing UK Lotto among the most generous national lottery games in the world, which means the jackpot increases rapidly in line with ticket sales.