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La Primitiva | Spain

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La PrimitivaSelect Your Magic Number Betting pays 4 to 1 Bet Amount Minimum € 0.91 - Maximum € 91

The Magic Number hit is determined solely by the main numbers. If the selected Magic Number happens to be among the extra balls, no winnings will be generated

About La Primitiva

Spain's La Primitiva has got it all ? 2 draws a week, big jackpot potential and a format that's super simple to play. It's also 1 of only 2 European national lottery games to reach the mythical €100 Million jackpot prize. Players place their bets every Thursday and Saturday, hoping for their share of the nearly €1 Billion in total prize money paid out by Spain's La Primitiva each year.

The minimum jackpot prize pool starts at €2 Million and with rollovers can potentially shoot up to €101.7 Million. All players need to do is pick 6 numbers and wait for the draw.