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French Loto


French Loto runs all Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in the hands of the operator La Française des Jeux. In order to win the first prize you must hit 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 number from 1 to 10 (Opportunity Number). Prizes are divided into 6 categories, and if you manage to hit even 1 number, you win.

The French Loto prize pool begins at €2 millions and builds up from there in case nobody claims the winning numbers. The lottery runs three times a week, so the first prize sometimes builds up amazingly fast up to gigantic amounts! Now you can buy online tickets for the French Loto lottery at

Winning combinations are as follows: (1st Category) 5/5 + Opportunity Number, (2nd Category) 5/5, (3rd Category) 4/5, (4th Category) 3/5, (5th Category) 2/5, (6th Category) just the Opportunity Number.

More France Loto information

The current organization responsible for the French lottery is La Française des Jeux. It was founded in 1976 and is mainly owned by the state. However the French have a long history concerning lottery. The oldest records of lottery date back to 1505 where king Francis I used them. In the next 400 years they were used or banned with each era. Since it was last launched the French lottery distributed more then 4.1 billion worth prizes and launched 7,900 people to be Millionaires. Since 2002 when the Euro was introduced, La Française des Jeux made another lucky 150 new multimillionaires.

The French lottery called also Loto is a biweekly game airing on Wednesday and Saturday. The game itself is a 6 by 49 matrix, meaning each player has to choose 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49. An additional ball called the "bonus" ball. A jackpot is won when a player matches correctly all 6 main numbers. Smaller prizes are also available when less then 6 numbers are guessed, with or without the bonus ball.

Almost everyone can play in France the lottery; the age restriction is that the player has to 16 of age. Selecting your numbers yourself and up to 10 games can be played for each ticket. A player can also choose to play same numbers up to 5 successive draws. This is the standard way to play Loto, also called Jeu Simple. However a unique feature for the Loto is the Jeu Multiple option, meaning a player can choose up to 10 numbers (additional 4 numbers) that will create up to 210 entries. Choosing extra numbers can increase the odds of guessing 6 numbers correctly significantly. It doesn't matter if the player plays Jeu Simple or Jeu Multiple; he can still pick his numbers on his own or let the machine do this for him.

It is possible to use some systematic technique in order to increase the chances of guessing the numbers correctly. Though there are various methods it is advisable to use the technique that combines odd and even numbers. Some people seem to think that by keeping the numbers strictly on the odd or even side ensures there winning but there is a fault to the thought. Also it is somewhat a waste of time and money to wager on less favored numbers as the odds for these numbers are lower. Weather a player chooses to play the French lottery or any other, it would be wise to choose a strategy that will increase the odds of winning.

Some players prefer another method that similar to the odd-even. They advise to pick a combination of numbers that are high and low. Since the French Loto has 49 possible numbers then dividing them to the low number 1 to 25 and high numbers 25 to 49 creates 2 groups of numbers, high and low. The best will be to choose a set of proportioned high-low numbers, e.g. 3:3 and 2:4. This way a player can avoid paying too much attention to a series of numbers exceeding the ratio.

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Draw dates

French Loto runs all Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:40 PM, French time.

Claiming prizes

We will notify you in case you are a French Loto winner.

Small agencies are not allowed to pay prizes over €500. WinTrillions will cash out your ticket and, according to your wish, credit that amount into your account or send you the money. Usually winnings become available 2 or 3 days after the draw.

Prizes over €500 require a visit to the lottery headquarters. There, a withdrawal form has to be filled in. We will ship you this form and help you get the tickets for French Loto. In case you are awarded with the first prize you will have to travel to the lottery headquarters. It will be in our hands to make all the arrangements to place the winning ticket in your hands before you depart.

All winning tickets must be cashed out within 70 days after the draw date printed on the ticket.

Payment options

Winning combinations are as follows: (1st Category) 5/5 + Opportunity Number, (2nd Category) 5/5, (3rd Category) 4/5, (4th Category) 3/5, (5th Category) 2/5, (6th Category) just the Opportunity Number.


Loto prizes do not pay taxes.


You must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible to play in French Loto. Non-French citizens and/or residents can also play.


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Why play French Loto?  

  •  Jackpots can build quickly due to frequent rollovers
  •  1 in every 16 tickets is a winner
  •  The record jackpot is €24 Million