Lottery Scams

Lottery Scams

Common Lottery Scams

We only offer lottery games and syndicates based on government-licensed lotteries from around the world. We deliver on our promises and you receive every penny you win. At the same time, there are people out there seeking to defraud innocent lottery players, which is why it always pays to be aware. Follow these simple steps to ensure you stay secure:

  • Scammers may call or email asking for personal information. You should never enter this information anywhere except on the WinTrillions site.
  • Scammers will tell you that you’ve won a prize in a lottery game. This may be a famous lottery or one you haven’t heard of. Either way, if you didn’t enter you won’t have won.
  • Scammers will ask you to pay cash upfront in order to claim a prize. No genuine lottery game has this requirement. A genuine lottery website such as WinTrillions will never ask you for a penny more over the price of your lottery participation or syndicate share.
  • Scammers will use spoof websites –known as Phishing – to try and trick you into handing over money or personal information. Your computer may warn you about this, but always check the web address at the top of the page. Ours will always start with
  • If in doubt type in the top bar of your browser and go direct to our homepage.
    The best way to protect yourself is to think carefully before handing over money or personal information. If in doubt, stop and think.
  • If you have any suspicions about a contact you’ve received, even if it has nothing to do with WinTrillions, our customer service team is always here to help. You can contact them via email, phone or online messaging.