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Created by the organizers of Powerball and Mega Millions –The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL)-, HotLotto is one of the american lotteries with the best chances of winning a prize.

Hotlotto’s jackpot starts at 1 million dollars and increases after each draw if there are no winners. Now you can buy tickets for Hotlotto online at Wintrillions.com

To win HotLotto’s jackpot, you must match 5 numbers from 1 to 47 and an additional number (Hot Ball) from 1 to 19. In each draw, held every Wednesday and Saturday, 5 of the 47 white balls and 1 of the 19 available orange balls are drawn.

Quick Pick

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If you bet through Wintrillions.com you don’t need to worry about choosing numbers. The QuickPick option allows the computer to select them in your name.

Draw dates

Winning numbers are drawn in West Des Moines, Iowa, every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59 PM.

Claiming prizes

We will notify you in case you become a Hotlotto winner.

Lottery Retailers can pay prizes up to $599. Wintrillions.com will cash out your ticket and, according to your wish, credit that amount into your account or send you the money. Usually winnings become available 2 or 3 days after the drawing.

Prizes over $599 must be claimed at Lottery headquarters and require a lottery claim form. We will send you the forms and assist you in submitting your tickets to the Hotlotto headquarters.

If you win the jackpot you must appear in person at Lottery headquarters. We will make arrangements to personally hand you the ticket before you go.

All winning tickets must be claimed within one year from the draw date printed on the ticket.

Payment options

Upon winning the jackpot, each player has up to 60 days to decide if they want the prize to be paid in one lump sum (Cash Value) or in 25 annuities (Annual Payments).

Cash option

If you choose the Cash Value, you will receive an amount equal to the net profit of the sale of treasure bonds purchased to finance the 25 annual payments of that prize. This amount is approximately half of the promoted jackpot.

Annual payments

If you choose annual payments, you will receive Hotlotto’s promoted jackpot in 25 annual payments during a period of 24 years.


You must be 18 or older to play the Hot Lotto. It is not necessary to be a US citizen or resident to play the lottery.


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Why play USA Hot Lotto?  

  •  It offers excellent odds of winning.
  •  There are 9 different ways to win a prize.
  •  The record jackpot reached US$19.97 million.