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Draw dates:
Wed Sat

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Time left to play:
    h m s

US$ 128 million

Jackpot change:
US$ 18,000,000

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Jackpot analysis for Powerball

Jackpot Analysis for Arizona Powerball

Payment options Annuitiy Cash
Jackpot Amount US$ 128,000,000 US$ 74,900,000
Gross Prize 30 Annual Payments of US$ 4,266,666 Lump-Sum Cash: US$ 74,900,000
25.00% Federal Tax -US$ 1,066,666 -US$ 18,725,000
MenosLess 5.00% State Tax -US$ 213,333 -US$ 3,745,000
Net Pay Yearly Net Pay: US$ 2,986,667
Total Pay After 30 Payments: US$ 89,600,010
Lump-Sum Net Payout: US$ 52,430,000

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