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Four Hundred and Forty Eight Million Dollars – Now THAT’S a Payday!

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I guess most of us have the odd day every now and then that marks it out as a bit special, a bit different from the routine humdrum of everyday life, a day that will be forever etched in your memory. Well if I said to you what is the most memorable thing about this Wednesday just gone, most of us would be hard pressed to even remember what we had for lunch let alone why Wednesday had some extra special meaning.

Well there are a whole bunch of people who will now have Wednesday August 7th forever etched in their memory because Wednesday was the day the Powerball lottery machine churned out the numbers 5 – 25 – 30 – 58 – 59 plus Powerball number 32 which exactly matched the numbers printed across the front of 3 tickets and turned the owners of the tickets into instant multi-millionaires.

Two of the winning tickets were sold in New Jersey, one at the Super Stop ‘n Shop in South Brunswick, N.J., the second in Acme Markets in Little Egg Harbor, N.J. and the third ticket was sold in Anoka County Minnesota. Now just in case you missed it, Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot was worth a mind blowing FOUR HUNDRED and FORTY EIGHT MILLION dollars which values each winning ticket at a little over ONE HUNDRED and FORTY NINE MILLION.

It appears that the ticket sold by the Acme supermarket in Little Egg Harbor was bought by a 16 strong lottery pool who all employees at the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department in Toms River, N.J. The second New Jersey winner has not yet come forward; however a Mr Paul White of Minnesota has now staked his claim to the Anoka County share.

Which once again goes to prove that if you want to become an instant millionaire then the quickest way to achieve your objective is to win a lottery. Of course before you stand any chance of winning anything you’ll need a lottery ticket – the place to buy one  – right here at WinTrillions, the world’s largest lottery website with more games, more jackpots and more chances to win than anywhere else.

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