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Is fake or a scam? No way!

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When it comes to using online lottery services, some customers may ask the question, is fake? The internet is awash with scam operations of one sort or another, so we are sympathetic to the concern and want to dedicate this post to explaining what makes us the leader in our field and an enemy of all lottery scam operators.

Is wintrillions a scam? No Way!

WinTrillions has operated as a global lottery messenger service since 2005, providing customers worldwide with access to lottery tickets in 25+ international lotteries and synidcates. We employ a trained team of local representatives and expert customer service staff who togther speak 12 different languages. WinTrillions offers players an exceptional user experience characterized by efficiency, professionalism and concern for the people who have made our success possible – Our customers.

WinTrillions has representatives based in offices all over world – Uruguay, Spain, Cyprus and the UK – who work around the clock to ensure that all lottery tickets are purchased and processed as soon as a customer selects their lottery tickets or syndicate memberships online.

WinTrillions provides clear proofs of purchase that guarantee customer ownership of the ticket, laying to rest any fears that is fake. Moments after a customer completes a transaction on the site, they receive a confirmation email in their private email account, outlining the details of the purchase including the lottery name, draw number, purchase confirmation, and participation price. In parallel, information regarding each purchase is also automatically stored in a customer’s secure account.

Scanned copies of lottery tickets purchased are uploaded to a customer’s private online account even before the lottery draw takes place and a copy is sent via email. Scanned tickets display the customer’s selected numbers and play options, the official lottery logo, date, and a serial number unique to the lottery ticket, providing hard and fast proof that the ticket purchased is owned exclusively by the customer. We also print your name on the ticket before it’s scanned.

In the event of a big win, payment is handled by WinTrillions’s head office, and players are invited to WinTrillions’s local office to collect the winning lottery ticket. From there, the player is handed the ticket in the presence of a legal team and assisted to collect their prize from lottery headquarters.

Since its beginning in 2005, WinTrillions has paid out winnings to the thousands of customers who have purchased lotto tickets or syndicate memberships on the site through our complimentary win collection and payment service. Read more about the recent story of our mystery  mega millions jackpot winner from the US.

So, is fake? No. We are an established online lottery messenger service that has been in business for almost a decade. We protect our customers’ account information with McAfee and 256-bit SSL encryption. We send you scanned copies of each purchased ticket. We automatically transfer wins to your online account. Come and experience the convenience and security of our website. We’re totally confident that you will share in our conclusions, and we invite you to contact WinTrillions friendly customer support team if you have any further questions.

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